Goals for Two Year Olds


These goals represent an overview of the social, emotional, physical and academic skills that we are teaching the children throughout this year. This list is not exhaustive, but a guide and we will ensure that we are using developmentally appropriate methods to complete these goals.


  • Children will slowly develop their sense of independence and self-confidence

  • The teachers and staff will model and teach children self-care skills

  • Children will be able to follow simple directions

  • Children will learn classroom routines

  • The teachers and staff will teach skills that will improve large motor skills and start to teach fine motor skills

  • Children will improve hand eye coordination

  • The teachers, staff, and librarian will use storytelling to help your child develop a rich vocabulary

  • Storytelling will also teach your child to respond and ask questions

  • The teachers and staff will teach the children to use expressive language through songs, conversation, dramatic play, interaction with classmates, and circle time

  • The teachers and staff will provide activities that are focused on dramatic play and creative arts

  • Children will participate in sensory exploration

  • The teachers, staff, and librarian will help to develop an interest in books by encouraging children to hold books and “read” using pictures

  • Children will learn to identify basic colors and shapes

  • The teachers and staff will introduce letters to the children

  • The teachers and staff will model and encourage your child to sort and match

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