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Goals for Infants


These goals represent an overview of the social, emotional, physical and academic skills that we are teaching the children throughout this year. This list is not exhaustive, but a guide and we will ensure that we are using developmentally appropriate methods to complete these goals.


  • Infants will feed and sleep on demand in order to keep consistency between their school and home environments

  • The teachers and staff will provide loving and nurturing care. This will help to boost your infant’s self-esteem

  • The teachers and staff will help to promote early literacy by reading to the infants

  • Infants will be encouraged to interact and engage with others to spark socialization

  • Infants will get to experience a range of different textiles to help spark their curiosity and process of discovery

  • Infants will get to enjoy the fresh air and explore nature in safe, outdoor environments

  • Infants will have tummy time to help strengthen their upper bodies

  • The teachers and staff will support the development of motor skills by using a variety of toys and movement activities

  • The teachers and staff will play a variety of music to help promote language acquisition

  • The teachers and staff will provide experiences that help infants to explore their creativity using music and dancing


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